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Kingcase Unique Signage, Framing Pictures & Specifications

The extrusions for Kingcase are our own unique design. Kingcase Major and Junior are standard backlit lightboxes that take acrylic face panels. Lightframe is an edgelit lightbox usually for displaying transparencies or posters, with an led light source.

We supply lightboxes with either fluorescent tubes or LED illumination.

We can also supply the complete product with graphics produced in several different materials, working with our customer to their design specification throughout.

Architectural frames and lightboxes constructed from aluminium extrusions are unique to Kings, many can be supplied in straight lengths or made up with panels and electrics.

Please click on the headings below for Kingcase Frame images and specifications.

King Frame

Example of The King FrameExample of The King Frame Specification

Prince Frame

Example of The Prince FrameExample of The Prince Frame Specification

Marquis Frame

Example of Marquis FrameExample of Marquis Frame Specification

Marquis Brackets

Example of Marquis BracketsExample of Marquis Brackets Specification

Example of Marquis BracketsExample of Marquis BracketsSpecification

Mini Marquis Frame

Example of Mini Marquis FrameExample of Mini Marquis Frame Specification


Example of The LightframeExample of The Lightframe Specification

The Junior Frame

Example of The Junior FrameExample of The Junior Frame Specification

The Major Frame

Example of The Major FrameExample of The Major Frame Specification


Example of The MONOFRAME 80 FrameExample of The MONOFRAME 80 Specification

Example of The MONOFRAME 80 FrameExample of The MONOFRAME 80 Frame

Kingcase Unique Signage, Framing Pictures and Specifications
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