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Lightboxes in a range of sizes and designs

Lightboxes are an ideal, time proven way of displaying eye catching images, logos, names and designs on the high street. We have our own range of aluminium lightbox extrusions in house ready for manufacture to your specifications.

Single sided or double, wall mounted, projecting, hanging or even free standing, this versatile sign system is the ideal solution when you need a bright illuminated display.

We use fluorescent tubes or LED’s as required. Please click here to see LED specifications.

We provide 600mm dia and 750 mm dia round lightboxes both double sided or single sided as standard. We supply RGB colour changing lightboxes as well as shaped and circular.

Our Kingcase Lightboxes

Kingcase Major

The largest of our extrusions, Kingcase Major is 175mm deep with a removable bead section all round.

It’s thicker aluminium profile provides for a more rigid body especially across longer lengths & with it’s integrated hanging strip lip, panels can be suspended within the box to stop the opal panels bowing in on larger panelled boxes. Fitted with our Kings LED Modules, our Kingcase Major lightboxes are the perfect large format lightboxes for both single sided & double sided applications.

Kingcase Junior

Kingcase Junior is our standard slimline extrusion at 117mm deep. Kingcase Junior is available with either an integral 20mm bead or a removable bead giving it greater flexibility when putting the lightbox together. Both integral & removable beads on our Kingcase Junor are flush fitting giving a clean, sleek & modern look to our slimline lightboxes making this ideal for both external & internal applications. As with Kingcase Major, Kingcase Junior is a thicker aluminium extrusion offering a greater overall rigidity & build quality.

Kingcase Junior is available in a single sided & double sided version & easily fitted out with our Kings LED Modules giving crisp & even light illumination, perfect for all applications.

Our Kingcase Circular lightboxes are supplied in two standard sizes 600mm dia & 750mm dia. Both can be built to be either single sided or double sided complete with LED illumination, opal panels, graphics if required & several fixings options including projecting brackets, hanging loops, cables & fixings or a back tray for wall mounting.

We keep all the components for our Kingcase Circular lightboxes on the shelf ready to build & paint to a standard RAL colour giving you complete flexibility on the finish & look of the lightbox to suit your requirements.

All our Kingcase Circular lightboxes are supplied at 120mm deep with removable beads on both sides, panels can be supplied fixed or loose if necessary & come pre-wired with our Kings LED & Driver ready to install.

Mono 80

Our ultra slim Mono 80 is 80mm deep with an integral bead & is suitable for both single and double sided applications.

It’s slimmer frame makes it suitable for smaller boxes or slimline applications especially in internal display environments where space is limited or smaller applications. With a 15mm integral bead it offers the smallest bead of all our lightboxes allowing for maximum visual space on all smaller & larger applications.

Lightframe (Dualflex Frame)

Lightframe is our slimmest aluminium extrusion with an overall profile of only 35mm deep, using our Kings LED Ribbon to illuminate the edgelit panel inside to create a backlit effect. Lightframe benefits from a large void space inside the frame to allow for all LEDs, drivers & mini controllers to be fitted internally making installation easy & quick without needing to hide drivers or run loads of wires.

With the option to build Lightframe with a hinged & lockable front, Lightframe works well as an illuminated or even non-illuminated poster frame system.


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