Kings LED’s offers a range of cost effective lighting solutions for all types of signage!

Why choose Kings LED?

We provide a comprehensive range of LED products and accessories to suit all applications.  These are quality, reliable and highly versatile products at competitive prices which are available from stock for next day delivery. From back lit lightboxes to halo lit letters to edgelit panels we have a product to suit what you require.

With advancements in LED technology our range is constantly being tested & developed to ensure we’re offering the best possible products for the Sing & Display Industry. This includes introducing 2835 LED diodes, IP67 injection mould outer cases on our modules as well as wide angle diffusion lenses to provide more light with less LEDs.

  • Small, medium & large module sizes in a range of colours to suit any application

  • 2835 diodes provide 20% more light than traditional 5050 diodes

  • 160º wide angle lens to diffuse light over greater area

  • Injection mould outer casing with a three year warranty

  • 2835 diodes are smaller & use less power than 5050 diodes to produce more light

  • Flexi-Ribbon designed to navigate small narrow stroke widths whilst keeping a constant light output

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Our range of Kings LED products;

Kings LED Modules

Our Kings LED modules are designed to produce a high lumen output  with low power consumption, now coupled with added addition of a special 160o lens for wider and even more light diffusion, our Xtra bright LEDs are perfect for backlighting applications such as large built up letters, standard and slim sign cases and fret cut sign trays. For those smaller applications such as narrow built up letters and smaller signage our Kings LED 2 modules are the perfect size to fit inside those smaller gaps.

Our Kings LED Xtra Bright modules have IP67 injection moulded cases providing a water resistant, stronger more durable outer body with an exposed aluminium heat sink underneath to keep the LED temperature as low as possible.

Our Kings LED Xtra Bright moudles also include constant current technology which allows our LEDs to be wired up in longer chains (eg max 40-50 modules per chain) unlike constant voltage LEDs where the chains are much shorter (max 20 modules per chain).

Kings LED Ribbon

Kings LED ribbon is our standard linear lighting system, suitable for types of signage from sign trays to lightboxes but is also at the heart of all our edgelit signs as well. Our standard Kings LED Ribbon is supplied on a thick copper PCB to ensure durability & is rated to IP33 so it has some protection against the elements when fitted into signs.

Kings LED ribbon is one of the brightest LED ribbon on the market whilst also being competitively priced for the sign trade. It can be cut every 50mm & easily soldered back together or joined with snap on connectors making it a simple & easy to use product for any experience level.

Kings LED Flexi-Ribbon

Kings Flexi-Ribbon now gives you even more freedom when using LED ribbon, the specially cut PCB allows the ribbon to bend left to right with angles of upto 120 degrees. The new PCB design also makes this ribbon the perfect solution for small stroke widths on illuminated letters being able to go where module can’t plus as with all our ribbons, connections can be made every  50mm, so you can branch off or make new connections to suit any letter.

Kings LED Flexi-Ribbon is rated to IP33 so works perfectly inside signs & illuminated letters.

Kings LED Drivers & Controllers

We stock & supply a wide variety of drivers & controllers in 12v & 24v for use with our Kings LEDs.

We supply our own slim 20w, 30w & 45w LED Drivers as well as stocking Meanwell LED Drivers from 60w upto 150w in 12v & 20w upto 150w in 24v. One top of this we also stock a range of slimline drivers to compliment of LED Flexi-Neon & large capacity drivers including 200w & 300w drivers for larger applications & LED Cabochon bulbs.

We also carry a small stock of RGB & Single colour control units for dimming & colour control. These range from our mini controllers used in our edgelit tracks to our larger dial control dimmer s7 high capacity controllers for large lightboxes & display units.

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